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Mission Statement

The mission of the Home & School Association is to advance the Catholic Education and welfare of the school's children, to enhance the parents' and teachers' role in education by increasing their mutual understanding of the children and by providing opportunities for parents and teachers to work together for the good of the children, to promote parent-school activities to increase members' interest in education and civic affairs and conduct fundraising activities, and to play an important role in raising funds to support school programs, equipment, renovations, and educational materials.



President - Donna Sisti

Vice President - Jennifer Campisi

Secretary - Colleen Duffy

Treasurer - Kristen Storti


Home & School Association General Meetings

September 18th

November 13th

February 26th ***Cancelled***

May 7th

Gym doors will open at 6:30 pm; meeting starts promptly at 7:00PM

Childcare is provided in the Kindergarten classroom beginning at 6:45 pm


Home & School Association Dues: $10.00 

Your dues contribute to our Constant Contact Monthly newsletter and updates.  You will also receive a 2014-2015 St. Basil the Great School Directory.  Please join the Home & School Association.  

The 2014-2015 school year will be a year of Celebrating Students, Families and Staff.  Your participation and ideas are needed to continue to make St. Basil the outstanding school and community it has become.  You may send in your dues with your back-to-school packet or pay at the Home & School Meeting on September 18th at 6:30 pm.  


Upcoming Events:

Earn money for St. Basil's while you shop!  Simply use scrip gift cards for everyday purchases, and earn a rebate on each one at no additional cost.  Scrip is a major fundraiser for the school! There is no extra cost to you. When you purchase Scrip, you are purchasing a gift card to that vendor. The beauty of Scrip is that you put your regular household shopping dollars to work. You earn money for our school without spending a single additional penny. Just spend your regular shopping dollars with Scrip at the stores that participate in the program! Scrip can be used for just about any household purchase including food, clothing, entertainment, gasoline and even dining out.  Click here for a list of Scrip Retailers and the % rebates offered (For additional information, please contact


Box Tops for Education Program - 

In order for St. Basil the Great School to receive payment from Box Tops for Education before the closing of the school in June, the FINAL collection for box tops will be FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 17th. Please submit any and all box tops that you have cut and saved into school with your children prior to this date. Any box tops submitted after this date through the end of the school year will be given to Holy Family Regional School for use. Thank you for your continued support of St. Basil the Great School by collecting box tops. This wonderful fundraising program has raised thousands of dollars for our school over the past few years. If you have any questions, please contact us, Kristen Storti ( and Melissa Rubinich (, your Box Tops for Education coordinators.

Box Tops can be found on hundreds of everyday products. Each time you clip one and send it in, the school receives $0.10 (free money!). While this doesn’t sound like a lot, when pooled together, the earnings can be significant for our school.  

So how can you help? When you shop in stores, look for products with the box top label above. Clip these and send them into school with your child. There will be collection bins in each classroom. We will collect, count and record the number of box tops received.  We will have a friendly contest among the students to see which class can collect the most. Prizes will be determined based on age. More details to come on the contest and awards in coming weeks.  

You can also log on to and play games, find coupons and many other ways we can earn additional box tops and dollars for our school!  For additional information, please contact our Box Tops coordinators:  Melissa Rubinich at and Kristen Storti at


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Updated 2/2015