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Teacher: Sra. Bina Brach

Hola! Hello! My name is Bina Brach and I will be teaching Spanish to all grades at St. Basil's on Wednesdays and Thursdays. I live in Phoenixville with my husband and 4 children. I have a degree in Spanish from Rosemont College and have been teaching Spanish for 16 years. I am very excited to meet all the children and begin a wonderful year of learning Spanish!

Here are a few of the great things your children will be learning this year. Check back for more updates throughout the year!

Preschool, Pre-K,  and K: The little ones will be learning everything having to do with each season, colors, numbers, shapes, introducing ourselves, feelings, sizes, family, our school, hoidays. We will also be reading many Spanish short stories, play group games and sing songs. In September we will begin our theme of school,  apples, the colors red, green, and yellow,  and sizes of apples( all in Spanish, of course.)

1st and 2nd: We will be learning Spanish greetings, the calendar, our classrooms, parts of the body, colors, clothing, family,weather,foods, etc. We will be talking about Spanish hoildays, playing group games, and reading Spanish short stories.

3rd: We will be working on the rooms of our home, foods, fruits, colors, action words, telling time, parts of our bodies,shapes, places in our towns, adjectives, courteous expressions in Spanish, our families. Of course we will also be talking about all the holidays, play games, do short skits, and read Spanish stories.

4th: The Spanish calendar, greetings, the classroom, Spanish commands, numbers, Spanish skits, Spanish geography lessons, our homes, occupations, food, Spanish artists, parts of the body, holidays, games, stories, etc.  Students will receive a "passport" where they will keep track of all the countries we learn about.

5th: The calendar, our families, things in our classroom, -AR ending Spanish verbs, sentence structure, asking questions in Spanish, numbers, telling time,  school subjects, colors, adjectives,occupations, Spanish skits, holidays, games, "passports".

6th: greetings, adjectives, professions, verbs, sentence structure, Spanish conversations and skits, parts of the body, months of the year, days of the week, weather, our homes, realtor skits, possessives, foods, geography lessons, maps of our town, prepositions,holidays, games, "passports".

7th: greetings, our classroom, numbers, days, months, pronouns, weather, colors, adjectives, our families, verbs, clothing, our communities, question words, holidays, skits, short stories, group activities/projects, "passports".

8th: 8th grade is a big year! I work hard to make sure the students are as prepared as possible for Spanish I in high school. Students will receive a lesson schedule every couple of months outlining what we will be working on each week, subject to some change.  Many of these lessons are based on what will be covered in a Spanish I high school classroom. Topics will include: greetings, numbers, likes and dislikes, food, adjectives, difference between Spanish schools and American schools, telling time, cultural holidays, map activities, adverbs, class objects, prepositions, foods, verbs, and many more! In the Spring, we will be reading some short stories entirely in Spanish, including Don Quixote!





Grades 2 and 3 : durable two-pocket folder with loose leaf inside

Grades 4-8: 1/2" binder with looseleaf or notebook and a folder to keep handouts