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Pre-K Full Day

Teacher: Joan McDonald-Smith




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Notes from Miss Joan
  Our themes for the month of April are Easter and Spring. In Religion, we are now learning about God's gifts to the world. We are learning letter recognition and sounds and are working on our letter writing skills. For Math, we are learning addition equations. We do weekly experiments in Science to now learn about the human body. Students enjoy Weekly Reader, which provides us with an interesting topic to explore each week. Center time provides students with a variety of activities including painting at the easels, puzzles, building with various materials, and small manipulatives to help with hand and eye coordination. During our daily Circle time, we read books, have great discussions to show comprehension, and play various phonetic games. We have daily art projects and learn songs and poems to help us with the letters of the Alphabet, seasons, and Math.
   Our afternoons are busy with lessons to reinforce the morning, Art, and activities to help improve our skills.
Dates to keep in mind:
Wednesday, April 1- Early dismissal (11:50am) from Gym
Easter Break until Tuesday, April 7th when classes resume
Tuesday, April 7th- Miss Rebecca from The Phoenixville Library visits
Friday, April 17th- Shrek, Jr. Rehearsal in the afternoon




 Gym- Mondays

 Music- Tuesdays

 Spanish- Thursdays

 Library- Fridays

About Pre-K                     


My Shooting Stars class is a full day program from 8:20 am to 2:50 pm. In the afternoons, we have reinforcement lessons from the morning, crafts, computer, educational games and once a week we will go to the gym for hand and eye coordination games.

For the Shooting Stars, we have Religion, Art, alphabet lessons, Math, Music (with Mrs. Springer and also during our day), Yoga and low impact aerobics, Center time filled with many activities, Snack, and Circle time. Our Circle time involves books, book discussions, phonetics, short games, and songs. In addition to that, the Shooting Stars have Physical Education lessons (with Mrs. Harkins), Spanish (with Sra. Bracha), Library,  and Science. Our Science program is quite extensive and provides more than basic concepts. We learn much about plants, the human body, winter-themed concepts such as static electricity, matter, and how to use microscopes.

Parents receive a weekly newsletter as well as a class monthly calendar. Pictures are constantly added to our Snapfish album  of classroom activities.