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CCIU - Speech

Instructor: Tina Borst Tuesday/Friday or Thursday/Friday


Phone:  (610) 518-0365
Speech van located outside of 8th grade classroom

Non-Public Speech and Language Services are available to assess students' speech and language skills and to provide options for services. Kindergarteners and new students are screened routinely for appropriate speech and language development. Teachers, parents and other school personnel may refer a child who is suspected of having need(s) in the following areas: Articulation, Language, Fluency, Voice.

Students identified as having a possible need are evaluated when it is developmentally appropriate for the child. A Speech and Language Individual Plan (SLIP) is written for every child who qualifies for services. Parental consent is necessary for both an evaluation and for participation in the program.

Students are scheduled for weekly group or individual speech/language therapy. Home assignments may be given to supplement the in-school program.


Speech Practice Reminders                            



  • Practice your speech homework everyday for 3-4 minutes.
  • Listen to yourself.
  • Be your best judge.
  • Think about your speech.
  • Feel your speech. Make your mouth and tongue work.
  • Break words into smaller parts.
  • Read aloud on a daily basis.


Activities to Encourage Your Child's Language 


  • Praise your child when he/she talks about their feelings, thoughts, hopes, and fears.
  • Comment on what you did or how you think your child feels.
  • Sing songs and recite rhymes with your child.
  • Continue to read longer stories.
  • Look at family photos and talk to him/her about family history.
  • Listen to him/her when they talk to you.