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8th Grade

Teacher: Mary Beth Horner



Teacher: Mrs. Mary Beth Horner
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2nd payment for New York Trip is due Jan 30,2015

All Advent Angel gifts should be in school by Monday Dec. 22, our party is Tuesday Dec. 23.  All are invited to the school Christmas Concert in the gym at 1pm on Tuesday Dec. 23, 2014

Christmas Sweater Dress Down Day Monday Dec.22   $2



Homework for: Friday Dec.19, 2014            

Honors math: Test on Monday 


Social Studies: 

Science:  test on Monday



Literature:  Finish reading The Outsiders; complete questions for chapters 7-12 in journals by Wed. Jan. 7,2015.




7th Grade Language Arts:  

You will need the novel; The Red Kayak by Priscilla Cummings, by  Jan. 5,2015,



Dates for most tests are posted one week in advance. *Quizzes and spelling/Vocabulary tests are posted 2-3 days in advance. Tests and quizzes are sent home regularly for your review. Please sign and have your child return them within two days using their test folder.  *There may be an occasional un-announced pop quiz in some subjects.

Extra Credit  100 points are available in Language Arts using the 100 point Extra Credit reading  assigment

Upcoming Events 

Advent Angel gifts are due Friday Dec. 19

Advent Angel Christmas Party and gift exchange:  Tuesday Dec. 23

St. Basil's Christmas Concert Tuesday Dec. 23 @1pm in the Cafeteria

2nd payment for New York Trip is due Jan. 30,2015






My goal, as the 8th grade teacher, is to prepare your child for high school. To achieve this, I hold him/her responsible for him/herself - the successes and the failures. We all learn from our mistakes as well as from things we do well; however, I want students to accept any consequences of their mistakes without placing blame on someone else.