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4th Grade

Teacher: Patti McCombs

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Fourth Grade is a transition year. It is the year for your child to become more independent and responsible!


Students' Responsibilities    


  • To complete all assignments
  • To do neat and careful work
  • To treat everyone with kindness in a Christian-like manner
  • To respect all authority
  • To copy down all homework


Parents' Responsibilities       


  • To CHECK homework
  • To lend support and guidance to all assignments
  • To sign test folders each Friday
  • To sign “calendars” at the end of each month


Pennsbury Manor Field Trip (Fall)Pennsbury Manor
Hot Chocolate Party (Winter)Hot Chocolate
Japanese Day (Spring)Japanese Day
Harrisburg Trip (Spring)Harrisburg


Class Reminders                  


  • HOMEWORK PASSES: Remember, a homework pass needs to be signed and dated by a parent. A pass excuses a student from written homework only!! A homework pass does NOT apply to any long term assignment such as PA Weekly, Investigation Questions, etc.
  • BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS: You may send in a birthday treat for your child. I ask that it be an individually-packaged treat, such as a cupcake, cookie, ice cream bar, etc. No whole cakes, please! Also, please send in napkins.