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1st Grade

Teacher: Bethany Frost

Look at what's happening in 1st Grade:


Math- During the month of March we have been working on Geometry.  We have learned about plane and solid figures.  To end our chapter, we are going to do a shapes project using toothpicks, mini-marshmellows, and gumdrops. We are going to build as many plane and solid figures as we can!!  In April we will learn how to tell time!!


Reading- During March and April we will be reading some fun stories, such as: The Dot, Henry and Mudge, and Peter's Chair. We will be learning about character, setting, plot, theme, realism/fantasy, cause/effect, and Author's Purpose. We will also continue to work on long vowel patterns.  We are beconing fantastic readers!!


Religion- In religion we are learning about our Parish and all of the people who help make our parish so great.  During Lent we are also learning about Jesus' sacrifice by reading the Stations of the Cross every Friday.


Science- In Science we are learing about the 3 types of matter and doing some fun experiments!


Social Studies- In our current unit we are learning about America's history.  We will learn about the Native Americans, Pilgrims, George Washington,Abraham Lincoln, and Martin Luther King Jr.  At the end of the unit we will make mobiles to show what we have learned. 


Grammar- We have already learned about Nouns and Verbs.  Now we are talking about Adjectives.  We will use what we are learning to write more descriptive sentences and stories!