Religious Ed.

Outside Volunteer Schedule

Outside Volunteer Responsibilities

All PREP families will be assigned to assist one Sunday during the year with outside supervision of arrival. Assignments will be made alphabetically. Please monitor the stairs near the driveway and the main PREP entrance at the bottom of the stairwell from the parking lot. Please return all signs, cones, etc. inside the doors and ensure that all doors are closed and locked by 9:45 am. If you cannot make your assigned day, it is imperative to the safety of our children that you find a replacement and notify the DRE. Thank you very much for helping to ensure the safety of our children!

Upcoming Outdoor Volunteer Schedule:

January 11:  Gallagher (both families)

January 19:  NO CLASS   MLK Jr. Day holiday

January 25:  Gjekmarkaj, Golas

February 1:  NO CLASS  Pay-It-Forward Day

February 8:  Greenwalt, Grosick

February 15:  NO CLASS   Presidents Day holiday